We use advanced microscopy and spectroscopy to study chemical reactions on surfaces and interfaces at an atomic level. The research uses a combination of in situ and ex situ methods to understand and study low temperature heterogeneous reactions, structure-activity relationships, and engineering nanostructures, on metal and metal oxide surfaces.

If you’re interested in joining Xu Lab, please send your CV to fang.xu@utsa.edu


  • Lab renovation started on 11/30/2020!
  • Lab renovation was done on 04/22/2021!
  • Welcome Dahee Lee to join Xu lab!
  • Welcome Nathan McLane and Reese Roddy to join Xu lab!
  • Congratulations on Nathan to finish undergraduate study!
  • Welcome Kevin Sutherland to join Xu lab!
  • Welcome Bernice Adeeso to join Xu lab!