Student Awards

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Students in the Department of Chemistry at UTSA have available award opportunities that recognize their achievements through Department, College of Science, and University programs. Several of these awards are endowed and are thereby offered annually. Also available are Travel Awards to professional meetings. Criteria for application usually require one or more letters of recommendation, a CV (curriculum vitae), and may require a transcript of grades so attention should be given to “who can and should write letters on your behalf?”, and “what constitutes an impressive CV?”. Selection for awards is defined by specifications made by the donor. Information on individual awards can be obtained from members of the chemistry department’s Award Committee.

Undergraduate Student Awards

ENDOWED AWARDS (available every year)

Doyle Award supports a 10-week summer program for research in the Department of Chemistry to student(s) with demonstrated commitment to chemistry research.

2019 Awardee

Joseph Jensen – member of Dr. Doyle’s research group

2018 Awardee

LynĂ©e Massey – – member of Dr. Doyle’s research group

ANNUAL AWARDS (will be announced each year)

The Dean’s Outstanding Undergraduate in Chemistry Award from the Dean’s Fund for Excellence:
Every year the Dean’s office makes annual awards ($1000) to outstanding undergraduate students in each of our seven departments and the UTeachSA program. Dean’s Fund for Excellence awardees are recommended by the faculty of each department. Students do not apply for these awards, they are recognized as having made outstanding progress in pursuit of their degrees and who are worthy of special recognition. The award is based on academic performance, excellence in pursuit of the degree, research experience and publications, as well as community involvement.

2019: John Doyle – member of Dr. Larinov’s research group

Chemistry Department’s Nominee for Outstanding Undergraduate Student at UTSA.

2019: Eliezer Ortiz – member of Dr. Frantz’s research group

OTHER AWARDS (available from other organizations) – For 2018-2019:

Special Opportunity for Organic, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Science Undergraduates
On October 17-19, 2018 at Tianjin University in Tianjin, China a special undergraduate competition in Organic Medicinal and Pharmaceutical research was held.  Students (>200 and 10 international students) made presentations of their undergraduate research and participated in the general meeting.  A selection of the best presentations was made with presentation of platinum, gold, and silver awards. Funds were provided by Tianjin University to pay all travel, accommodation and registration costs for foreign students who participated. Students doing research or had just finished their BS research projects were eligible.  

Daniel Hinojosa (research with Dr. McHardy) – gold award

Lynée Massey (research with Dr. Doyle) – platinum award

Eliezer Ortiz (research with Dr. Frantz) – gold award

ACS Bridge Program aims to increase diversity in chemical science graduate education
The American Chemical Society Bridge Program (ACS-BP) assists talented underrepresented minority (URM) students get into and succeed in graduate school. Students who have not applied to graduate school or have applied but were unsuccessful, or would benefit from additional coursework or research experience, are eligible to apply. Each Award was $2,000.

Sebastian Garza-Herrera – undergraduate, neurosciences major, research with Doyle

Melina Rosado – undergraduate student, biochemistry major, research with Doyle

American Chemical Society Awards to Undergraduate Students:

Division of Organic Chemistry – the most outstanding senior undergraduate organic chemistry student for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Lynée Massey – member of Dr. Doyle’s research group


Division of Inorganic Chemistry – the most outstanding senior undergraduate inorganic chemistry student for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Austin Rutledge – member of Dr. Musie’s research group

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
One of about 2000 students (eligibility undergraduate seniors and first and second year graduate students) in all science and engineering and one of less than 70 students in chemistry to receive the Fellowship. The Fellowship provides financial support for three years, over a five-year fellowship period or when you graduate (whichever is first). The Fellowship provides a stipend of $34,000 per twelve-month Fellowship Year. The graduate institution receives a $12,000 Cost of Education Allowance in lieu of all required tuition and fees for each of the three years you choose to utilize the fellowship funding.

Lynée Massey – member of Dr. Doyle’s research group