Marina González

Senior Administrative Associate

Office: BSE 1.106D
Phone: (210) 458-7066
Areas of Responsibility
» Masters and PhD programs
» Screening of calls and visitors
» Textbook adoptions, purchase orders, scholarship documentation

Melissa Schafer LeFevre

Administrative Services Officer I

Office: BSE 1.106C1
Phone: (210) 458-5442
Areas of Responsibility
» Appointments of faculty, staff, and students
» Course scheduling
» Departmental budget account maintenance
» Purchasing

Research Instrumentation

Hadi Arman

Assistant Professor of Practice

Office: BSE 1.106
Phone: (210) 458-6730
Areas of Responsibility
» Departmental x-ray crystallographer

Wendell P. Griffith

Special Research Associate
Director, RCMI Protein Biomarkers Core

Office: BSE 1.104N | Lab: BSE 3.108A
Phone: (210) 458-5180
Areas of Responsibility
» Bioanalytical and Analytical Chemistry
» Mass spectrometry

Daniel Wherritt

NMR Facility Manager

Office: BSE 0.224A
Phone: (210) 458-7081
Areas of Responsibility
» Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy
» Structure elucidation of small molecules and natural products

Teaching Lab Services

Ruth Schaller

Assistant Professor of Practice

Office: SEB 3.170
Phone: (210) 458-5463
Areas of Responsibility
» Maintain chemical inventory for teaching labs
» Purchase lab supplies
» Supervise lab technicians