the Team

A dedicated group of faculty, staff, graduate students, undergraduate students, high school instructors, and high school students were responsible for this material. We are committed to helping students navigate the challenging but rewarding field of chemistry. Your success is our goal! 

Dr. George Negrete


Dr. Negrete is a faculty member in the Chemistry Department and is responsible for the managing and directing this project. He is committed to student success and looks forward to seeing your faces in his classes! 

Krista Berlin

Ph.D. Student

Krista’s background as a high school chemistry teacher is vital in content creation and testing! She is always on the look out for new ways to help students. 

Madeline Colley

Ph.D. Student

Madeline is a computer savvy individual who created this website and helps with content organization, interaction and usage. 

Jewelia Sifuentes

Content Tester

UTSA Undergraduate

Thomas Miller

Content Creator

I am an undergraduate at UTSA in Multi-disciplinary Science and I hope to one day become a Highschool Chemistry teacher. I am famous for being known as the guy that rollerblades around UTSA campus.

Savannah Rios

Content Tester

American Chemistry Society Project SEED Scholar, Somerset High School

Claire Tjintjelaar

Content Tester


Credit for all youtube content belongs to those creators. We are grateful that these individuals make these videos for the public! Additionally, we credit the banner image which was Designed by macrovector / Freepik