Review Quiz #6

Comment: Provide ALL correct answers for each problem.

The quizzes become increasingly more interesting. This quiz should take you about 20 minutes if you have good preparation. If you have difficulty with these topics, we STRONGLY recommend that you review the videos that we have listed.

Please remember, you are allowed a calculator AND a periodic table!

1. Which atom has this electron configuration 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 ?


2. What is the oxidation state of chromium in K2Cr2O7?


3. In the redox half-reaction below, how many electrons are needed to balance the equation?

Be3+ + ____ e  —> Be (metal)


4. In the redox half-reaction below, what are the correct coefficients?

ClO4 + ii H+iii e  —> iv ClO3– + H2O


5. What are the coefficients to balance this reaction?

i Ag+ii CH3CHO +  iii H2O  —>   iv Ag (metal)v CH3CO2H


6. What are the coefficients that balance this reaction

i K2Cr2O7ii KI +  iii H2SO4  —>  Cr2(SO4)3iv K2SO4v I2 + 7H2O


7. Chromium (III) chloride reacts with silver nitrate to generate chromium (III) nitrate and silver chloride. How many grams of chromium (III) chloride are required to produce 75 g of AgCl? (Atomic Weights: Cr = 51.9; N = 14.0; O = 16.0; Ag = 107.9; Cl = 35.5) (Hint: what is the equation of this reaction?)


8. How many liters of a 0.15 M NaCl solution contain 0.50 moles of NaCl? (Atomic Weights: Na = 23.0; Cl = 35.5)


9. Identify the isotope and its charge if it has 35 protons, 36 electrons, and a mass number of 80.


10. Which two comments below are characteristic of covalent bonds?


11. What is your current status?