Review Quiz #5

Comment: Provide ALL correct answers for each problem.

The quizzes become increasingly more interesting. This quiz should take you about 20 minutes if you have good preparation. If you have difficulty with these topics, we STRONGLY recommend that you review the videos that we have listed.

Please remember, you are allowed a calculator AND a periodic table!

1. A compound is composed of 77.3 % silver, 7.4 % phosphorous, and 15.3 % of oxygen. What is the empirical formula?


2. A compound is analyzed and found to have the empirical formula CH2O. The molar mass of the compound is found to be 153 g/mol. What is the compound’s molecular formula?


3. A sample was analyzed and found to contain 40.0% carbon 6.71 % hydrogen and 53.29 % oxygen. If the Molecular weight of the compound is 180.16 g/mol what are the empirical and molecular formals of the compound?


4. What is the correct IUPAC name for Fe2(SO4)3?


5. What is the molecular formula for Magnesium Phosphate?


6. How many grams of oxygen are found in 250g of C12H24O12?


7. Is the air we breathe an element, a compound, a molecule, or a mixture?


8. Which of the following statements are true?


9. Correctly name the substances in the picture below.


10. What mixtures are represented below?


11. What is your current status?