Review Quiz #3

Comment: Provide ALL correct answers for each problem.

The quizzes become increasingly more interesting. This quiz should take you about 20 minutes if you have good preparation. If you have difficulty with these topics, we STRONGLY recommend that you review the videos that we have listed.

Please remember, you are allowed a calculator AND a periodic table!

1. Identify the uncharged atom that has 6 electrons.


2. Isotopes are…


3. Assuming the most common isotopes are present, how many moles of protons are in 17 mg NH3? (N atomic weight = 14 g/mole; N atomic number = 7; NH3)?


4. Which answer will have 3 significant figures?


5. Humans intake approximately 7 liters of air per minute as they breath. Of this consumption, oxygen (O2) comprises 21% of the air molecules. How many moles of oxygen (O2) does an adult human body intake in 1 hour?     (Assume 22.4 liters of any gas = 1 mole)


6. A monocation with 12 electrons will have ___ protons.


7. The average concentration of the male hormone testosterone (MW = 288 g/mole) in adult male blood is 630 ng/dL. Use this information to answer questions 7 & 8. (Note: 1 g = 109 ng; 1 L = 10 dL)

What is the concentration of testosterone in gram/L?


8. How many molecules of testosterone are in a 10.0 uL sample from an adult male?
(1 L = 106 uL)


9. Benzo[a]pyrene (C20H12), a ubiquitous environmental contaminant (e.g. it is everywhere), is given off when organic compounds are burned. Its solubility in water is listed at 0.2 ug/L. At that concentration, how many moles are dissolved in a 10,000 gal pool?


10. Calculate the percentage of the mass of N in C4H9N2O2 (Atomic weights: C = 12, H = 1, O = 16, and N = 14)


11. What is your current status?