The topics addressed in these quizzes are the same as those that are covered in Basic Chemistry—plus a few more that will be helpful to those who start at General Chemistry 1. Thus, practicing these quizzes will give you a great foundation to begin at either chemistry course.

Each of these quizzes is intended to take 20-25 minutes for a well-prepared student. All of these topics should have been covered in a rigorous high school chemistry course, but we know that some high school chemistry classes may not have covered all of this material.

The problems presented in these quizzes will be covered in Basic Chemistry and General Chemistry 1–so it is NOT expected that you get every question correct. Your major considerations should be:

Do you understand the problems but need a review?–in which case you should start at General Chemistry 1
Do you not understand many of the problems?—in which case you may need a semester reviewing the material and therefore, you should begin at Basic Chemistry.

Don’t hesitate to use other resources (Periodic Table, calculator) of your choosing when reviewing these materials or taking the quizzes. You may benefit from reviewing chemistry with others.

After taking and submitting each quiz you will be presented with a score, your answers and the solutions. Some of these will have links to videos for the problem you did not answer correctly. We will be adding more comments and links.


Good luck…have fun!