Welcome to the UTSA Chemistry Society

Our ACS Student Chapter was established in 1978. Almost four decades later and we’re still active and more passionate than ever! Our goal is to continue to grow as a student chapter and promote science to UTSA students and our community. Science and Chemistry might be hard, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t a be fun! Join us and get involved!!!!

We are a student-led organization that focuses on the academic and social enrichment of UTSA students with a passion for science! We focus on fostering connections between our chemistry students, participating in community service projects to promote science among youth, and providing opportunities for professional growth and development to our members. Our chapter is led by a student executive committee: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations, and a Demonstrations Officer.

Student Affiliate Chapter American Chemical Society

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Professor Davidson Tidbits

I wanted to be a Chemist when I was little. When I was 8 years old I would light matches and play with a chemistry

Professor Gold Tidbits

I play the drums I have 3 dogs I have 2 toddlers (boy is 3; girls is 2) Captain of my bodybuilding team I posed

Dr. Arman Tidbits

I love hot springs. I’m a gear head. I’m specifically interested in old cars. older than 20 years. I have 1994 Toyota named Blue Ninja.

Professor Dougherty Tidbits

“I’m a cat lady” I have three cats -Rio (orange), Mia (grey), and Carbon (black). I have a Titanium ankle. I was born in Germany

Dr. Aguilar Tidbits

I have two dogs, Tj and Nissy. one of them acts more like a cat. I love Indian Food. I love “coconut water” When I


UTSA Chem society social

Join Us on Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 for the Chemistry Society’s first social of the semester. We’ll be serving free pizza for everyone attending; as well as, cards against humanity, giant Jenga, family feud, and more! Meet and greet people who share an interest in the sciences through group building activities and food. During this meeting, we will be making an announcement about what the chemistry society has to offer this coming semester. Come and join us for food and fun.


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