Hyunsoo Han, Ph.D.

Hyunsoo Han, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office: BSE 1.104K 
Phone: (210) 458-5456 
Email: hyunsoo.han@utsa.edu
Publications: here

Areas of Specialization
» Asymmetric catalysis 
» Organic synthesis 
» Polymer and combinatorial chemistry

Ph.D. in Chemistry; Princeton University 
M.S. in Chemistry; Seoul National University, South Korea 
B.S. in Chemistry; Kyung-Pook National University, South Korea

Catalysis – Pyridine and its derivatives are an important class of nucleophilic catalysts for a wide range of organic reactions. In this regard, our laboratory designed and synthesized a series of pyridine-based (chiral) nucleophilic catalysts with much enhanced catalytic activities: one of the developed catalysts proved to be the most powerful catalysts in the acetylation reaction of tertiary alcohols up to date. Currently, our laboratory is actively engaged in examining the developed catalysts for other useful, but understudied organic reactions.

Synthesis – Oxygen/nitrogen-substituents are ubiquitous in almost all naturally occurring and man-made organic compounds. Our research laboratory is interested in developing innovative and efficient synthetic methodologies for the asymmetric installation of such important O/N-C bonds, particularly via transition-metal catalyzed stereoselective allylic O/N-C bond forming reactions. The developed methodologies are further implemented to the total synthesis of biologically significant complex O/N-containing compounds.

Polymer and combinatorial chemistry – Purification without column chromatography in organic laboratory? Polymer-based technology has been developed in our laboratory for the column-free purification of organic reaction mixtures, especially for the purification of macrocyclic compounds that are not very soluble in common column solvents, and thus difficult to separate by conventional column chromatography. The generality and utility of the developed technology are currently being studied for the synthesis and column-free purification of rotaxanes, catenanes, and biologically interesting cyclic peptide libraries.

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