Michael P. Doyle, Ph.D.

Michael P. Doyle, Ph.D.

Rita and John Feik Distinguished University Chair in Medicinal Chemistry

Office: BSE 1.104G 
Phone: (210) 458-4196 
Email:  michael.doyle@utsa.edu
Lab Website: here
Publications: here

Areas of Specialization
» Catalytic oxidation processes 
» Design and development of chiral catalysts 
» Diazo chemistry 
» Highly enantioselective catalytic reactions 
» Medicinal chemistry

Ph.D. in Chemistry; Iowa State University 
B.S. in Chemistry; College of St. Thomas

The major focus of our research program is the development of highly selective and efficient catalytic processes for the synthesis of biologically relevant compounds. Investigations are built upon unique, highly efficient and selective, catalytic uses of dirhodium and other transition metal catalysts. We are developing diazo chemistry for catalytic highly stereoselective transformations to further enhance the applicability of catalytic metal carbene chemistry in organic synthesis. Lewis acidic chiral dirhodium(II,III) carboxamidate catalysts are being used to broaden the range of asymmetric Lewis acid catalyzed carbon-carbon bond forming transformations. Catalytic oxidative methodologies to prepare compounds that are of biological significance are being developed; applications encompass reactions with steroids, phenolic compounds, unsaturated fatty acid derivatives, terpenes, amines, and other biologically relevant substrates.

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