UTSA Chemistry Ranked First Among Young US Universities By Nature Index

Nature Index has ranked UTSA’s Department of Chemistry first in the U.S. and 18th globally among the top young universities in chemistry. The rankings were calculated based on author affiliation with primary research articles from prestigious science journals. UTSA’s chemistry department was established in 2001. The department now includes 6 endowed professors, three faculty with an h-index above 70, an editor-in-chief of a major scientific journal, fellow of the European Academy of Sciences, and UTSA’s 2019 Innovator of the Year. “We are known for the historic discoveries and patents in the area of materials science, medicinal/organic chemistry, biochemistry, and tissue imaging, among others,” says Department Chair Dr. Waldemar Gorski. “Our excellent students continue to win prestigious awards and are accepted to top graduate programs in the country. It is gratifying to be recognized for the hard work and talent of our faculty and students.”


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