Frequently Asked Questions

Most students will not be able to provide final transcripts as they are completing their final semesters. However, you must still submit an official transcript through the graduate school. Instructions on how to submit the transcripts are inside the application here.

Notifications regarding application status are typically given out by e-mail x months after submission. Please check your application and e-mail regularly for updates.

The department offers stipends to qualifying Ph.D. students through teaching assistant-ships (TA) and research fellowships. Additional funding may be available through research grants. 

M.S. students are required to “TA” for the degree requirement and are compensated according to the University of Texas system hourly rate. Additional support for M.S. students is handled by the prinicpal investigators. 

Only M.S. students are permitted to begin studies in the spring semester. Ph.D. students are must begin their studies in the Fall. 

The application is looked at as a whole to evaluate the applicant’s scientific literacy, creativity and potential for completing the degree. Undergraduate research is one important factor and is highly encouraged. 

First, look over the graduate school’s information list regarding 5 steps from admission, Texas residency information, the graduate school orientation and more here

The chemistry department will conduct a second orientation specifically for your program and attendance is mandatory. After the orientation, the graduate advisor of record (GAR) will discuss the registration of classes individually.  

Check the e-mail associated with your application for updates.