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Congratulations new Fall 2019 Doctoral Students!

Fall 2019 Graduating Students:

  • Hussah Alawisi
  • Brenda Benavides
  • Charissa Munteanu

2016 M.S. Graduate

Ms. Shelby McCowen

Ms. Shelby McCowen received three B.S. degrees from UTSA in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemsitry before pursuing her M.S. degree in the lab of Dr. Stanton McHardy. She successfully defended her thesis “Small Molecule Inhibitors of Triple Negative Breast Cancer” in 2016. Now, she’s a Ph.D. Candidate¬†UC Berkeley. We are proud of you, Shelby!¬†

Dr. Jacob Pryzojski

2016 Graduate

Dr. Pryzojski recieved his Ph.D. with Dr. Tonzetich on “Exploration of¬†N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes of Iron and Cobalt in Catalysis and Non-Traditional Organometallic Chemistry“.¬†

He was a post-doc with Professor Richard Schrock at MIT and now works as a Product Developer at Tesa Tape, Inc.


Dr. Santhi Abbaraju

Symmetry Biosciences Inc.


Dr. Hector Aguilar

‚ÄúSynthesis and Biological Evaluation of Isoxazole Molecules Able to Induce Stem Cell Differentiation”

Full-time lecturer at UTSA


Dr. David Babinski

Synthesis of Stereodefined Acetoacetate-Derived Enol Triflates and Their Synthetic Utility

Post-doc with Professor Tobias Ritter at Harvard, and currently Research Scientist at AbbVie


Dr. Jie Guang

GSK Shanghai, China


Dr. Andrea Kelley

“Alzheimer’s Disease: Developing a Mechanistic View via Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry”

Post-doc with UTSA College of Sciences Dean, Dr. George Perry


Dr. Peng Li

‚ÄúMultifunctional Framework Materials for Catalysis, Chiral Resolution and Gas Separation”

Professor at Soochow University, China


Dr. Daniel Meininger

“Fundamental Coordination Chemistry of Metalloporphyrins with Sulfur-Containing Small Molecules”

Postdoc at Los Alamos National Laboratory


Dr. Sandun Perera

Post-doc at Moffitt Cancer Center


Dr. Naresh Ramireddy

Vijaya Pharmaceuticals, LLC